ColorClock Version 1.0

Just finished my first Mac OS X screensaver, ColorClock.

Error LED on Soekris net5501

How to use the error led on a Soekris net5501 as system heartbeat/load indicator.

Necessary linux kernel configuration.

Note: If the item under “GPIO Support” doesn’t show up, look into the “Staging drivers” section and disable the old GPIO driver.

Start the new kernel and load the necessary modules and set the trigger.

If everything went well, the LED flashes. And if the system load goes up, it’s going faster.

Save the settings, so everything is up and running after a reboot.

Instructions for Gentoo linux(requires baselayout-2/OpenRC).
Add the modules to /etc/conf.d/modules

Create a new file /etc/local.d/heartbeat.start

Make the file executable

Update, Linux kernel > 3.6.0:
Sysfs layout has been changed with Linux kernel 3.6.0.
FileĀ /etc/local.d/heartbeat.start need a little change.